Hollyho1989 almost gets it right in her quest to be a millionaire...

I really mean it!

Hollyho1989 has appealed to 10 million people to donate her 10 cents each & she's on her way to be a millionaire. Her problem, though, is that she seems unable to face the media. As soon as her story printed in STOMP (to which she's actually be thankful for the additional--and free--publicity), she takes out her YouTube video. In other website, Dailymotion, her video there has also been removed.

Hollyho1989's quest to be a millionaire--without working--is not working because she doesn't have the mindset of being a millionaire. Or the courage. Hollyho1989 should just persevere amidst the nasty comments (mostly in YouTube, I guess they are from those who are jealous as they did not come up with that creative idea themselves in the first place) & reap eventually her $1 million.

For every 100 angry netizens, there is always one who is willing to part from his/her 10 cents.

Hollyho1989 in STOMP

Hollyho1989 in YouTube, "Make Me A Millionaire"

Hollyho1989 in Dailymotion

...and the only 2 comments (more friendly than those in YouTube) so far

A SINGAPOREAN beauty is asking her compatriots for a 10-cent donation each - and hopes to become a millionaire within a year, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The 21-year-old woman known as Holly made her intention known through a self-recorded video clip posted on YouTube last week.

In the clip, Holly said she was unemployed and did not wish to work either.

She hoped Singaporeans would help realise her dream of becoming a millionaire by the time she turns 22.

Holly even read out her bank account number in the clip.

She, however, did not reveal how she will repay her donors' "kindness".

Her action was widely condemned by online users.

Some censured her for trying to "reap the fruits without sowing the seeds", while others suggested that she undergo a psychiatric check-up.

From Asiaone, "S'porean's novel 10-cent way to becoming a millionaire".

This local girl aims to make a million bucks in just a year. Her plan? Get people -10,000,000 of them - to each give her ten cents. The 21-year-old blithely says she has no occupation because she 'doesn't want to work'.

The girl, nicknamed 'hollyho1989', does not appear to offer anything in exchange for the money. According to a poster sent by STOMPer Joshii, the girl simply hopes people will be 'nice' and give her the money.

She even provides her bank account number so that people can transfer the money to her.

STOMP followed the link on the poster and found that her account was started just a week ago. Thus far she has not uploaded any videos and she has no recent activity on her account.

From STOMP, "S'pore girl wants people to be 'nice' and give her $1m for no reason".


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