A forbidden love story of a 23-year-old guy & his 42-year-old girlfriend: Singapore is no Cougar Town

It's official: Singapore is no Cougar Town. Just take a look at the last incident in which parents of a 23-year-old guy are wrathful against the guy's almost-twice-older girlfriend.

It is understandable that the parents are very much concern. Hey, we're very practical people here. Just compare the age: the man is 23 and the woman is 42. Flash forward 20 years later: the man will be 43 and the woman 62.

Will their love endure?

I mean, seriously!!! Will their LOVE endure?

I doubt so. When you see your love gradually succumb to the mortality of time before you, you'll feel the pain. That's one of the reasons why the movie like Highlander--which portrays immortals--is tragic.

Okay, don't let me divert further.

Back to the curious Cougar-Town like incident: the parents of this 23-year-old guy had adopted a wrong approach in this situation.

When offered resistance, the first instinct anyone would choose is to resist back. The parents should instead encourage their passionate son to pursue further his relationship with the older woman. Push him to quickly marry her proper. Nag him daily. The girlfriend is not getting younger, you know? And at her age, it may be dangerous for her to have a baby. C'mon, son. Don't waste anymore time!

The son will soon feel the pressure. And very likely soon to come to his senses. On his own.

A 23-year-old Singaporean lodged a police report against his parents who beat his 42-year-old girlfriend.

Sin Chew Daily reported yesterday that the man's family was apparently unhappy with his relationship with the divorcee, who is a mother of two.

The man's parents had followed the couple before attacking the woman outside Toa Payoh MRT station.

The daily reported that initially the parents, who are in their 50s, started scolding the woman.

The argument later escalated into a fight, which caused the son to be unhappy. He subsequently lodged a police report.

"The man's mother said the divorcee should be ashamed for hooking up with her son. She also told the divorcee to find men her age," said a witness.

During an interview with Lianhe Wanbao's reporter, the divorcee revealed that she had gotten to know her boyfriend last year in a private school but had only started dating during the last 4 months.

In the beginning, he kept mum about her age to his parents, but eventually told them after much persuasion from her that there was nothing to hide.

However, they were in for a bad shock as his parents objected vehemently.

During the same interview, the man told the reporter that his parents are traditional and raised violent objections when they knew about her age.

His mother even ransacked his room for his girlfriend's picture when he was not at home.

The divorcee said she would not give up on the relationship despite the strong objection from her boyfriend's family.

"I will also take legal action against them for beating me," she said.

She added that she was unhappy with what her boyfriend's mother had said about her ending their family line, and said that if they could get married, she would be more than willing to bear his children.

However, at this juncture, they are still dating and had not discussed marriage.

Her children are supportive of her decision to be with him.

As for her parents, she said that her parents would not object as it is a proper relationship, not an affair.

The man is currently staying at a friend's place.

He had earlier moved into his girlfriend's house after his parents kicked him out as he had no place to stay.

From Asiaone, "Youth reports parents for hitting girlfriend".


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