Bedok Twin Tragedy: more should be reported about the 2 orphans

Dubbed by media as 'BEDOK TWIN TRAGEDY' we are reminded how easy it is to kill ourselves or our loved one without little regard to the feeling of those we leave behind.

The tragedy has a 34-year-old woman (Madam Tan Bee Chan) killed with stab wounds, her 38-year-old husband (Teng Chu Leong) fell to death and their 2 children left with no parents.

Still no clue about what had gone terribly wrong there. I hope the two orphans will be taken care (by the husband's sister in law?).

A DOUBLE tragedy in Bedok North Road yesterday left a young Malaysian couple dead and their two children orphaned.

The bodies of husband and wife, who were heard having an argument earlier, were found in separate places at Block 75, Bedok North Road.

The woman, 34, was found dead with stab wounds at the 12th floor lift landing, while her 38-year-old husband's body was discovered at the foot of the block.

A knife with bloodstains was recovered from a lift at the 12th floor.

The tragic events unfolded shortly before 6.40pm, when police were informed that the motionless body of a man had been found at the bottom of the block.

When The Straits Times visited the scene around 9pm yesterday, the police were leading a woman and two children out of the lift.

From Straits Times, "Couple found dead".

A man and a woman were found dead in Bedok on Thursday evening.

The 38—year—old man was found lying at the foot of Block 75, Bedok North Road. SCDF paramedics pronounced him dead at about 6.40pm. Police said he appeared to have suffered multiple injuries.

The 34—year—old woman, who was found lying motionless on the 12th floor of the lift lobby in the same block, was also pronounced dead. Police said she appeared to have suffered stab wounds.

A knife with bloodstains was recovered from the lift at the 12th floor.

Preliminary investigations revealed that both deceased were husband and wife.

Police have classified the case as unnatural deaths and investigations are ongoing.

Residents told MediaCorp that they heard people shouting and crying at about 6.30pm.

Mr Fakir Hussein said: "I live in the opposite block and saw the woman in a yellow top shouting with two children."

Another resident who lives on the same 13th floor as the deceased, said he heard the woman and the children shouting and crying.

Others said they heard a loud thud when the man fell. He is believed to have hit the covered walkway, which had a dent on its roof.

From Yahoo! News, "Husband & wife found dead in Bedok".

JUST moments before he plunged 12 storeys to his death from a Bedok North flat, Malaysian Teng Chu Leong called his sister-in-law.

The call was to utter what may have been his last words: 'Take care of the children.'

Moments later, the 38-year-old's body was found at the foot of Block 75, Bedok North Road.

The body of his wife, Madam Tan Bee Chan, 34, was also discovered, with stab wounds, at the 12th-floor lift landing of the same block - barely a metre from where her husband is said to have fallen from. Madam Tan, also a Malaysian, had worked in Singapore as a shop assistant at a video shop.

A bloodstained knife was recovered from the lift at the 12th floor.

Apart from a blood-smeared handprint on a 12th-floor parapet ledge, little, if any clues, emerged yesterday as to what might have led to the tragic double death the day before.

From Straits Times, "'Take care of the children'".


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