ZamZam Ismail: the cat killer thrown to jail for ONLY 10 weeks?!?!

ZamZam Ismail committed the crime on Jan 1. What a way to celebrate the New Year, eh, psycho?! Considering this animal can be punished up to 5 years in prison, his merely 10-week jail is annoyingly very light.

A question: is this the only feline-related crime this criminal has committed? Another question: has there been any cases of cats murdered in the vicinity of Block 269 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4?

Just wondering aloud...

A MAN who killed a cat by swinging it twice against the wall was jailed for 10 weeks on Wednesday.

ZamZam Ismail, 41, an odd-job labourer, admitted to committing mischief at the void deck of Block 269 Bukit Batok East Avenue 4 on Jan 1.

A woman was walking past the void deck when she saw ZamZam swing the cat against the wall twice and throw the animal away. She called the police.

ZamZam who has previous convictions for criminal intimidation and theft could have been jailed for up to five years and/or fined for the offence.

From Straits Times, "Cat killer jailed 10 weeks".


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