Singapore River Hongbao 2010: Photos Galore

Finally visited Singapore River Hongbao 2010 located at The Float @Marina Bay on the highly commercialized Valentine's Day which also happens to be the 1st day of the Lunar New Year. The light fantastic event is held from 12th Feb 2010 to 20th Feb 2010.

Managed to snap quite a lot of photos. Here are some 14 of them (shared more than what I did for Singapore River Hongbao 2007 which only featured 8 photos):

1. On the way to the Singapore River Hongbao 2010 venue. Like how the monks add the heavenly colors to the modern setting & buzzing construction in the background.

2. The Singapore River Hongbao 2010 also has some of the usual FUN games like "bumper car"...

3. ... and "sky rider"...

4. ... and "vortex".

5. Here's the gate to enter the venue of Singapore River Hongbao 2010. Have I not told you I arrived early?

6. This tiger statue is located near the gate. No, the gate is not named the Dragon Tiger Gate. The Bangladeshi foreign talents posing near the statue does well to enrich the multi-racial harmonious culture of Singapore.

7. There are a few statues of dragon. Here is a dragon fully made of sweets. It tastes like a sweet, but sweeter...Never mind.

8. Oh, and a dragon made of porcelains! The light in its mouth is actually that from the spot lights.

9. And of course, there is a dragon made of a lantern. Colorful!

10. There is a stadium as well for a performance. Didn't stay for it, but the queue looks, well, impressively long & it does look organized with the staff hovering around.

11. Oh, by the way how can I forget to feature the God of Wealth?

12. And the beautiful Peacock Princess? Not to be mistaken with Ka'iulani, though.

13. It's a wonderful event. And safe. Evident with the strong presence of the auxiliary police officers. Irregardless of their sex.

14. Getting dark & lightful and I made a wrong decision to head back home for my overdue sleeping. Heh.

You like the photos? You should give it a try. I lost a few photo-worthy moments like how a group of Indian asking a Caucasian guy a permission to take a photo with his sweet little girl who's donning a sweet red cheongsam. It will be a nice picture if I can take their photo being taken together. Oh well...some other chance, maybe.

And in the news:
The annual River Hongbao celebrations for the Lunar New Year were launched on Friday evening.

Performers from Chengdu and Taiwan added an international feel to it. Visitors enjoyed an award-winning arts show from Taiwan performers as well.

Singapore groups and schools also put up performances.

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean graced the opening at the Marina Bay Floating Platform.

The festival will close on February 20, which is the seventh day of the Lunar New Year.

From Channel NewsAsia, "River Hongbao celebrations open with performances from Chengdu & Taiwan".

It's not just Resorts World at Sentosa that's drawing the crowds in Singapore over the past few days.

The River Hongbao Festival has seen more than 540,000 visitors within four days of its opening on 12 February.

According to the organisers, the number has surpassed the initial target of 300,000.

Apart from the Chengdu performances, visitors to River Hongbao on Wednesday night will be able to attend a special concert featuring popular Chinese pop songs from 1960s to the year 2000.

Visitors will get to be part of the performance when they sing along with a live band.

Famous Taiwanese singer Luo Shi Feng and popular local singer Joi Chua will be special performers for the night and they will perform their most popular songs at the concert.

Through the concert, the organiser hopes to create a memorable evening for the visitors as they celebrate the fourth day of the Lunar New Year.

River Hongbao is being held at The Float@Marina Bay (previously known as Marina Bay Floating Platform).

From Channel NewsAsia, "River Hongbao attracts 540,000 visitors within four days".


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