The Poetry of the Nature by Mr. Hsu Bin

     The virtual image from the skill of writing. Patriarch of Chinese brush painting. "You spin color patriarch (Mr. Hsu Bin)" well-known Chinese artists. Bureau of art from Jiangsu province. Are centered in the city, Nanjing. With demonstrations of how to portray unique. The skills of traditional Chinese painting. Required resolution and precision. Focused into a very detailed picture. To create a realistic work within the organizer of the event was prepared for the media magnifying glass. To expand more into the details of the artists have painted stripes down the painting. The artists also use color to paint the rocks and minerals from natural plant. Make images look promising elegant and pure virtual. In addition to the art of drawing a combination of written and visual arts setting. And out west together with the other. For the paintings in the show will showcase the paintings of birds and flowers, but the video focused on showing paintings "Tiger", which matches the symbol of the year 2553 where visitors will find. with paintings. Expressed a variety of tiger smack. In particular, "tiger hair" the color that you spin you this patriarch. Unique to a particular painting unique. The resolution requires. And a significant commitment. Will carry over to the tigers each line. Must draw at least 6 to 7 round sometimes to around 9 to 10 can express that identity. And spirit of the tiger.

Exhibition : The Poetry of the Nature
by Mr.Hsu Bin
on February 3 - 7, 2010
at Fashion Hall, 1st Floor, The Emporium, Bangkok


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