Plant by Pisitakun Kuntalang

     angkritgallery invites you to the opening of our new exhibition by promising young artist Pisitakun Kuntalang. the large-scale drawings installation PLANT (2010) an exhibition continues to 28 February(open everyday, 6 am-3pm)at angkritgallery Nanglae, ChiangRai.

     "I like to contemplate on complexity of a tree and branches; its structure constructed without rules, moving, flowing, depending on its condition. It is a perpetuation of an endless flow so long as the tree stands. This continuance inspires me to keep drawing an infinite structure, entangled and perplexed, sprouting without end. Stop when I am lazed. Start when I'm vigorous. No definite rules and branches on my will, of all my life, it is the structure I long for."                                               
                                                                                                     Pisitakun Kuntalang

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99 M2 Pahonyotin, Nanglae,
Chiangrai, Thailand 57100 +66 8.6911.5331
open everyday 6 am - 3 pm


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