it's fashion week again

it's fashion week again though i haven't gotten invited to many shows this season. i did go to the lacoste show this morning at the tents in bryant park. it was very interesting [or should i say perplexing] and i am curious to see how many new stores they pick up for this collection as i can't see it in many sportswear doors that already carry the brand. it was both men's and women's with the men's being a bit too on the conservative side for my tastes, though there were a pair of grey pants that look like they double easily as sweat pants for the gym – something i've been looking for!

last week i was the subject of a photoshoot for an upcoming issue of YRB magazine. the photographer is esteban aladro, and he was really laid-back and fun. the photo above is from the shoot and is only one of many cut that i liked. check out his online portfolio here. also, don't forget to look for me in the page on me in YRB magazine!

also, a bit hard to spot, but there is a bright green nooka zub 38 in this sunday's new york time's STYLES magazine.


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