Happiness Forward by 14 Thai Artists

Prayat Pongdam

“Happiness Forward”

An Art Exhibition for Education Fund: by 14 Art Instructors of Poh-Chang Campus

from Rattanakosin University of Rajamangala Technology

     “When someone does you a big favor, don’t just pay it back…pay it forward…”, this word is as same meaning as an intention of “Happiness Forward” project which going to take place as an art exhibition as for education fund at Artery gallery on this soon of March. Therefore, we’d cordially invite you to come and share the good things for anyone who deserve to have some opportunity and then ours society wouldn’t be lack of generosity to each other, instead any of trouble could be decreasing off from our society as well as this happiness process can possibly do.

     Once again, as one good occasion as all 14 artists who are art instructors which consist of Banlu Viriyapornprapas, Thanarit Thipwaree, Thani Nakeerak, Thawatchai Thiengsat, Rewadee Jaichum, Aunnop Wut, Thitipan Chanhom, Noppadon Naddee, Anan Pratchayanan, Rasada Chatangam, Thong Udompol together with the national artist Prayat Pongdam and many of co-project’s artists; Panya Petchu, Piroj Wongbon, Thanatip Thipwaree, Duenshyphuchana Phuprasert, Kamonrat Petchu have do concern in resolving needs, then they collaborate with Artery Gallery to make this happiness intention come true. Especially into an educational of fine art which is either an important part of human’s cultural. Let’s join together to maintain and grow up the civilization of mankind toward our family, our society, our nation and eventually to our own world. However, the main objectively of this time art exhibition is to raise the fund for help and supporting any of fine art students who really good at study but lack of creativity art needs. We believe after as all their happy, they’d raise some precious work further back to our Thai society as well.

Opening exhibition will take place on Wednesday 10th March till on Saturday 10th April, 2010.

At Artery Gallery, 919/1 the Silom Galleria Building, (UNIT B09) B1 Fl., Silom Rd., Bangkok 10500 Thailand

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