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well, today is my birthday. i started it by going to the gym, something i've been very lax with the past 2+ years! got to the office, wrote a bitchy blog post [seen below], had chinese take out with my team [we did a fancy b-day lunch for me yesterday as alex is off to thailand for vacation today, and he wanted to be a part of it], and then caught up with the nitty gritty of holding a design biz together.

i am actually writing this blog to let you know about our fire engine red nooka strip [belt]. i know i designed it and it may seem that i'm supposed to say this, but seriously, i LOVE this product. here it is on our e-store but the photo is a bit more electric than the reality – it's really fire engine red. goes great with my sounds good neon yellow hoodie [thanks yu in tokyo for the hoodie!] and zem watch.

i'm also wearing one of my favorite t-shirts from graniph in this foto which leads to a really exciting upcoming news bite – yours truly, matthew waldman, will be a featured designer for an upcoming t-shirt promotion! more on that soon...


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