Tattoo Care

When you get your first tattoo you may not know much about tattoo care. Peeling is a part of the healthy healing process of your tattoo. It is normal for your tattoo to peel slightly after it is first completed. A typical tattoo will start to peel around 1 week after you had the ink applied. Of course this will vary according to how your body heals, whether you heal fast or slow but it is a general guideline.

So your tattoo is peeling, now what. Well first off lets discuss why it has begun to peel. Peeling is a result of the damage you did to the skin. It is much like the peeling from a sun burn. You need to be very careful at this point during tattoo care. You need to ensure while cleaning that you don't accidentally remove areas that were not ready to be exposed or you may end up damaging your design.
Tattoo Care
Tattoo Care
Most importantly during the peeling process is not to itch or scratch it. It will become bloody itchy as you can imagine but remember the time and money you invested and resist the urge to scratch as you can damage your new ink relatively easy. If you cannot handle the itchiness apply some lotion. Or more aftercare ointment.

Once you have had your first tattoo and have learned proper tattoo care, peeling won't be as alarming during the healing process, as it will be something you are expecting to occur. If your tattoo peels after that it is a sign of action needing to be taken.


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