Singpost Admail: What if the so-called junk mails are printed on recycled paper?

An author of the blog, Alvinology makes a honourable plea to "save the trees and say NO to junk mails from SingPost". He showcases his sharp sense of obtaining info by navigating in the quite complicated (at least for me) website of Singpost & presents the the order form that SingPost is using to "profiteer by spamming mailboxes".

What he fails to realise is that there's a possibility that business elsewhere (those advertisers which make use the service of Singpost called Admail) print those 'junk' mails on recycled paper.

Just because it's not mentioned in SingPost Admail Terms & Conditions, it doesn't mean that they don't use such a paper.


Well, very likely not. Recycled paper is believed to be more expensive.


Sorry, perhaps Alvinology is right. Save the trees. Say NO to junk mails from SingPost. Call SingPost’s hotline on 6845-6210 to opt-out from this Earth-raping act from Singpost.

Will it make a difference?


Unless this SingPost Admail service is a global "junk-mails" distributor, I don't see how a relatively small number of Singapore population can make difference to protect the Mother Earth.


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