Singapore Earthquake Prediction by a moron

Yes. By a moron. Check out his stupid doomsday prediction in not one, by TWO clips posted in Youtube. Titled, "Earthquake Prediction for Singapore in January 2010" & "Earthquake Warning for Singapore in January 2010", the clips were posted by an idiot nicknamed flank99 on 15 Dec 2009 & 30 Dec 2009 respectively. (Just for a record, so far the clips have been viewed 5730 & 2478, uhm, again respectively. They hardly caused a ripple in the Net, did they?)

I dare him to step in Singapore. Police will catch & the accusation that he spreading terror may just seem justified.

Then again, perhaps not. Who bother to listen to a fool? What he think he is? A mutant with a special power to predict unnatural natural disaster to a foreign country?!

A Caucasian man predicts an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 or greater will hit Singapore anytime from January onwards this year.

In the video posted on YouTube, he says: "The earthquake will affect Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Indonesia, India and Eastern Africa."

Singaporeans should be prepared and should hide under our tables and beds, he said.

He also urged them to leave their houses and stay away from telephone poles.

He makes appeals to both Singapore's president and America's president to be prepared.

Users who posted responses to the videos reacted skeptically to his "predictions", with some pointing out that Singapore does not have telephone poles.

One forummer, MiloOnTheRocks said that the video creator was "an attention seeker that has succeeded having thousands of people watching his dumb clips on Youtube."

The forummer also pointed out that due to Singapore's geographic location, earthquakes do not occur here.

From Asiaone, "Caucasian predicts earthquake in S'pore".


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