Silviu Ionescu: I'll be back (to Singapore)...NOT!!

Silviu Ionescu. This Romanian diplomat is for sure not Arnold, although the 3 victims--one sadly dead--might insist he is equally a Terminator.

After all, the android-from-future-turns-good movie character in Terminator movies is well known with his phrase "I'll be back".

The suspect in hit-and-run case Romanian diplomat however at first was reported in a Romanian news website that he'll be back in Singapore late January, and yet the latest news has him claimed that he was misunderstood and that he won't return to Singapore.

You ask me what kind of impression this suspicious character tells you?! (or in that matter: is a Romanian news website really that terrible in quoting such a supposedly important diplomat?)

I hope the Korean national who was said to be dropped by Silviu Ionescu at her home in Bukit Timah at about 2.30am on the day of the accidents (15/12/09) would come forward & help the investigation.

My take is that Silviu Ionescu may indeed never go back to Singapore (he is no crazy, you know?). Good riddance, actually. We'll never know how many more lives could have been spared from such a killer diplomat.

D'uh. Of course the above rants are valid if only he's proven to be guilty. But hey, his lack of courage to face the music in Singapore can only tell me that he doesn't even bother to prove that he's innocent.

ROMANIAN diplomat Silviu Ionescu, who might have been involved in a hit-and-run accident here, has made a U-turn and told journalists in his home country that he will not be returning to Singapore after all.

Last week, he had said he would come back some time this month, after seeking medical treatment for diabetes at home.

Yesterday, he said his statement had been misunderstood.

From Asiaone, "Romanian diplomat says he won't return" (08/01/10)

The Romanian embassy's charge d'affaires, who's suspected to be involved in a tragic hit-and-run accident, could be back to his post in Singapore in late January.

Dr Silviu Ionescu told a Romanian news website that he returned to Bucharest after the incident for some medical examinations which had been scheduled in advance.

The 49-year-old diplomat also stressed he had no connection with the accident, and hopes the perpetrator is found as soon as possible.

On 15 December 2009, the embassy's car, a black Audi A6, hit three pedestrians at about 3.10 am in Bukit Panjang.

At 3.50am, Dr Ionescu filed a police report saying his vehicle had been stolen.

One victim, 30-year-old Tong Kok Wai, suffered severe brain damage and died on Christmas day.

His friend, 24-year-old Bong Hwee Haw is still recovering in hospital, while the third victim who suffered leg and neck injuries has been discharged.

Police said investigations are still ongoing and would not rule out any suspect in the course of its investigations.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Romanian Embassy's Charge d'Affaires says he will return to S'pore in late Jan".

THE Romanian diplomat linked to a hit-and-run case was spotted in a car with an Asian woman less than an hour before the accident on Dec 15.

The Straits Times understands he is believed to have dropped off a woman, said to be a Korean national, at her home in Bukit Timah at about 2.30am.

About 40 minutes later, the embassy car, a black Audi A6, hit three men in Bukit Panjang and then sped off. One of them has since died.

Yesterday, an eyewitness claimed he saw Romanian charge d'affaires Silviu Ionescu leaving Peace Centre in Selegie with a woman in an Audi A6 that morning. The 49-year-old man told Lianhe Wanbao that the embassy car, sporting diplomatic plates, had pulled up to his left at a traffic junction.

The long-haired passenger in a white dress, who looked to be in her 20s, was quarrelling with Dr Ionescu, he claimed. The altercation was so serious that the Audi did not budge even when the lights turned green. Only after the cars behind had sounded their horns for almost a minute did the vehicle speed off in the direction of Bukit Timah, he added.

Dr Ionescu, 49, earlier told reporters he had visited a karaoke lounge in Peace Centre to meet some businessmen, and that he was back at the embassy by about 1.30am to do some work after that.

From Straits Times, "Woman in envoy's car".


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