Ris Low, Espire Condoms' spokesperson: Low risk of success??

As if it's not enough to be named by CNN as one of 25 most influential people in Asia, the fall beauty queen Ris Low is now reported to be an ambassador for safe sex. She is the youth spokesperson for Espire Condoms.

Fearless, she is. I have stopped being surprised about news related to this boomz lady, Ris Low.

What I'm puzzled is how Espire Condoms come to decide to utilize her infamy to be the representative of the company.

Safe sex? Maybe. Safe move? Hardly.

Former controversial beauty queen Ris Low is now an ambassador for safe sex.

Ris who had to give up her Miss World Singapore 2009 title after her credit card fraud conviction went public is now the youth spokesperson for Espire Condoms.

She said having worked in an anonymous AIDS clinic three months ago convinced her that youths should abstain from sex.

But if they choose to have sex, they should do it the safe way by using condoms so as to ensure the "risk" of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies is "low".

Ris Low, who gave Singapore words like "boomz" and "shingz", may just give Singapore another word with her new endorsement.

The distributors of the condoms, Zander Asia, had approached Low late last year.

They are not disclosing the sum of the endorsement, but said she was hired as they believe she can reach out to youths.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Ris Low endorses condom brand to promote safe sex among youths".

FORMER beauty queen Ris Low has morphed from being a wayward youth to a champion of troubled teens.

Miss Low, 19, who was appointed as a youth ambassador by a home-grown condom distributor yesterday, is taking a private course in counselling.

On her mission in life, she said: 'I'm learning how to counsel people with problems such as depression, anxiety and even sexual problems. Someone they can relate to is me.'

To hone her skills, she is working part-time as a clinic assistant in an Aids clinic, spending three days a week counselling patients and teaching them how to use condoms correctly.

She will also conduct talks on safe sex in schools and other public arenas, and use her blog and other social media to spread the message in her role as youth spokesman for Singapore-based firm Zander Asia, distributor of Espire condoms.

She said: 'I like to reach out to youths. I can counsel people very well and I can influence people.

From Straits Times, "Ris a safe-sex champion".

Update: Read also The Canadian Press, "Singapore former beauty queen seeks to improve image with safe sex, condom campaign", and CNNGo, "Ris Low: Ex-beauty queen turns condom spokesperson".

You may hate her, but you've got to admit she helps to made Singapore more known to the world!


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