Pinnacle@Duxton skybridge entrance: $5

Pay per view. People are allowed to enter the skybridge at Pinnacle@Duxton for $5. It's not mentioned however for how long one can stay there and from what time.

Quite tempted actually to try. It will give me a lot of chance to take a wonderful shot of Singapore virginal concrete jungles from 50 storeys. I believe it must be breathtaking to view all those man-made creations, huh?

HOW much does it cost to see Singapore from 50 storeys up? $5.

The HDB is allowing people to enter the Skybridge at the Pinnacle@Duxton for that fee. And there are takers.

Ms Lynn Wee, 32, a designer, said: "I think $5 is fair for a nice view of the city.

"Although it is not a private housing area, it is only fair to the residents if the number of non-residents on the Skybridge is kept within limits."

A 35-year-old self-employed resident, who gave her name only as Ms Chen, agreed. Although Ms Chen is a resident of the Pinnacle@Duxton and is entitled to four access passes for her household, she thinks $5 to "take a walk and see Singapore at your own time" is a good deal.

An HDB spokesman said the $5 fee is to help "defray the cost of managing access to the Skybridge". She added: "It also helps to regulate demand and prevent overcrowding of the Skybridge."

Sales manager Catherine Kum, 33, feels her new home is a "tourist attraction". She said: "It is an iconic housing estate that offers a different view from what you get at the Singapore Flyer."

It costs $29.50 for a ride on the Flyer, which offers a 360-degree view of Singapore from a height of 165m. The Pinnacle@Duxton stands at 156m.

Still, there are some who are reluctant to accept that they have to pay the fee.

"Five dollars is too expensive. It would be hard on families who come to visit," said Ms Amy Ng, a 40-year-old administrative executive who paid the fee to enter the Skybridge with her husband yesterday.

Although she agreed that the view was "nice", she is unsure whether she would visit the Skybridge again. "Maybe if it's $2, I will," she said.

Partially quoted from Asiaone, "Would you pay $5 for this view?".


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