Mustafa under fire: 45 fire safety violations in 5 years!!

Well, I'm not surprised. Not a new news about the substandard fire safety standard of this bustling 24-hour Mustafa Centre. Read from TripAdvisor about how one reviewer nicked kathir77 from Australia commented negatively about Mustafa Centre:

Cons: Heavy crowd (Morning less crowd), staffs not responded properly, no proper signs including fire exit, not giving proper respect to the customers, getting taxi is also difficult.

Can always give this Mustafa Centre a miss. Unless the harsher fine (what is $17,000 for them? They can easily pay that small amount of penalty!) is slapped to their blind management.

ITS track record makes 24-hour Mustafa Centre one of Singapore's most dangerous buildings for fire safety.

The 12,000 sq m shopping centre, which has four floors and two basement levels, has chalked up 45 fire safety violations - the highest by any building here in the past five years.

Most of these violations led to a string of warnings and fines totalling $6,600. But it has also been taken to court for more serious breaches. In the past five years, Mustafa has been charged in court four times and fined $43,000 for fire safety breaches.

In its latest court appearance on Tuesday, it was fined $17,000 for overcrowding and using its external corridor as a retail area without a permit.

On Jan 6, the Subordinate Courts granted the Singapore Civil Defence Force's (SCDF) request for a Fire Hazard Order against Mustafa Centre for repeated violations. In one of the more serious enforcement actions the SCDF can take, Mustafa can be fined up to $10,000 and $500 every day that it defaults on the order. SCDF can also order it to shut for 72 hours for very serious violations.

Mustafa's common breaches include obstructing exit points and fire-fighting equipment, and using its external covered walkway for retail, the SCDF said in a release on Friday.

From Straits Times, "Fire hazards at Mustafa".


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