Wellness Village Spa's 330 angry customers...

They want their money back. They turn to Small Claims Tribunal; some seek waiver from banks. While I'm fully sympathy with their plight, I don't agree that the banks ought to waiver the money.

See, if the banks have already paid the not so well Wellness Village Spa shameless owners Ms. Lia Meyrina, why should the bank suffer the consequence of having to return the money to the conned Wellness Village Spa's customers?!

More than 500 clients left in the lurch by a spa which shut down abruptly last month are exploring all avenues to get back what they paid upfront for treatment packages.

About 520 of Wellness Village's clients have gone to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case). About 330 have filed claims with the Small Claims Tribunal. Almost 300 have banded together on social networking site Facebook to share information on what they can do.

It is unclear how many clients have been left with paid-for treatments that are now likely unclaimable, or how much they had paid, but the 20 who spoke to The Straits Times had each bought packages costing between $550 and $6,000.

Most said they learnt of the spa through credit card promotions, and had either paid for the packages in full or in interest-free instalments using their cards.

Those who opted to pay in instalments are now trying to at least get the outstanding payments waived. Depending on the credit card they used, they have had varying luck on this front. Those who used Citibank cards have had their outstanding balances waived; those with other banks' cards have been less successful.

Citibank's spokesman said that in a genuine case, backed by necessary documentation such as this one, it would do its best to support its customers.

From Straits Times, "WELLNESS VILLAGE SPA CLOSURE | Clients want money back".

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