Slander suit against eastcoastlife, the founder of the Association of Bloggers of Singapore

The slander suit against Ms. Jayne Goh aka eastcoastlife ( or more infamously known as the founder of the so-called Association of Bloggers of Singapore may as well be the sixth top reasons of not joining the organisation (Check out the top 5 reasons listed earlier here).

In any case the official website of this not-official organization representing Singapore bloggers has been hardly updated. Last I notice was on 4 Feb 2009 which was about New Treasurer and New Committee Member On Board. And that's it?!

What can be worse than a dying organisation, you ask me? I'll say, well, besides it's being a slow death, it's only added to the excitement by having the founder being slapped with a slander suit.

A blogger who claimed that a former secondary school teacher was corrupt now has to fend off a defamation suit brought against her by the latter.

In the first such case before the High Court recently, Assistant Registrar Jason Chan ruled that what Ms Jayne Goh wrote in her blog last year had indicated that the teacher, Mrs Janet Wong, was corrupt.

Ms Goh, 44, founder of the Association of Bloggers of Singapore, alleged that Mrs Wong accepted bribes in return for allowing foreign students admission into her school.

Mr Chan, who gave the reasons for his decision to the lawyers for both Ms Goh and Mrs Wong in a closed-door hearing on Tuesday, may issue a written judgment explaining the ruling.

It is believed Ms Goh is discussing with her lawyers whether she should appeal against the decision.

The suit between the two women is being watched keenly in legal circles. Previous disputes over potential defamation fizzled out or were settled without the need for a court hearing.

From Straits Times, "Blogger faces slander suit".


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