Ris Low: CNN's 25 most influential people in Asia? Boomz!! I mean, Shingz!!

It's heartening to read how CNN has such a wonderful sense of humor. The dethroned beauty queen Ris Low as one of Asia's 25 most influential people? It may also be seen as an insult to Asia! C'mon, surely there are more worthy people ought to be named as the most influential ones?! Shingz!! Truly shingz!!

Well, considering CNN also names Jay Chou as one of Asia’s most influential people, perhaps we should not really take seriously this CNN's questionable list.

Check out the complete list from CNN in this article, "Who Mattered Most in Asia 2009".

Singaporean beauty queen Ris Low has been named as one of Asia's 25 most influential people by Cable News Network (CNN).

The international news broadcaster pointed out that while there were many big events in 2009, there were also many "unusual" and very influential people.

In CNN's list of 25 most influential people, the people who have made the list range from awe-inspiring heroes to scandal shockers.

Amongst them is 19-year-old Ris Low who coined the infamous word "Boomz".

CNN said Ris Low is singularly responsible for giving Singapore its catchphrase of the year, and named her "Catchphrase queen".

Ris first made headlines in August this year for her poor command of English during an interview with RazorTV. Subsequently, it was revealed that she was convicted of credit card fraud and sentenced to two year's probation. Then, she told the Straits Times that she suffered from bipolar disorder and eventually stepped down as Miss Singapore World in September.

But two months after the uproar had died down, The New Paper reported that New Urban Male, a local casual wear store, had cashed in on Ris' infamous "Boomz" with a series of Boomz T-shirts.

From Diva, "Ris Low named CNN's 25 most influential people in Asia".

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Update on 18/12: More about the interestingly named by CNN 25 most influential people in Asia.

Making it to this year's list of CNN's (Cable News Network) 25 most influential people in Asia for the year 2009, which includes superstars like Jay Chou and Andy Lau, should be something to smile about - unless your name is Noriko Sakai, labeled by CNN as the "fallen angel". The disgraced Japanese actress-singer got convicted for drug use in a huge scandal that made headlines for months and besmeared her wholesome image.

Also on the list for the wrong reasons is Singapore's own Ris Low. The former Miss Singapore World 2009 was criticized for her poor English diction and quit the crown after her criminal record of credit card fraud got exposed, but not before she singlehandedly created a stir over self-coined neologisms like "Boomz" and "Leopard Preenz" that bulldozed their way into on- and off-line chatter.

Hong Kong celebrity Andy Lau is also included on the list, he of the secret Las Vegas wedding to his longtime companion, Malaysian ex-beauty queen Carol Choo, which got leaked to the media, and resulted in the public excavations of more clandestine celebrity marriages in Sin City.

As for Jay Chou, his extensive, impressive resume of singing, composing, acting, directing, and more music awards than you can count earned him the rank of "Entertainer Extraordinaire" on CNN's list. He is also set to make his Hollywood debut as sidekick Kato in Michel Gondry's film remake The Green Hornet, aside from other films like the soon-to-be-released Treasure Hunter with Lin Chi-ling as well as True Legend next year. Plus, he has an upcoming drama series Pandaman in the works.

Although the 30-year-old did not release any new music album this year, his numerous commercial endorsements and upcoming movies reined in a cool S$27 million this year.

From Yahoo! News, "Jay Chou is CNN's Entertainer Extraordinaire for 2009".

FORMER Miss Singapore Ris Low has been ranked as one of the 25 most influential people or groups in Asia this year, a division of United States news network CNN said on Tuesday.

In the list Who Mattered Most In Asia 2009, Low was dubbed 'Catchphrase queen' by CNNGo, a lifestyle and city guide website.

Low shares the list with entertainers such as Taiwan pop idol Jay Chou, Hong Kong's Andy Lau and Japanese actress Noriko Sakai, who was recently convicted on drug charges. CNNGo credited Low, who gave up her Miss Singapore crown after her credit card conviction was revealed, with giving Singapore its catchphrase of the year - her infamous 'boomz', which she used to describe her fashion sense in an interview.

The women involved in this year's leadership tussle of the Association of Women for Action and Research (Aware) also have a place on the list, under the heading 'Drama mamas'.

The website says Singaporeans became more aware of the organisation's activities as a result of the dispute.

From Straits Times, "Ris among most influential".


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