nooka x doraemon

text by michael a. traverzo

doraemon and nooka have collaborated to bring you the japan exclusive (500 pieces) “nooka + doratch” timepiece inspired by the character. the collaboration will be sold for ¥21,120, in sync with the year that doraemon was born, 2112. the watch features the many expressions of doraemon.

doraemon, the story of a robotic cat who travels back in time to aid a schoolboy, nobita nobi and their journeys together was created by fujiko f. fujio in 1969. it is extremely popular in countries around the world, though strangely, was never released in english! [it's well-known in italy, taiwan, china, spain...]

if you're in japan you can order yours here!

the “Doratch” series is a line of time pieces created for doraemon and since its first release in 1997, it has been a phenomenal success. currently, there are more than 60 different timepieces and nooka is extremely proud and privileged to be part of their 40th anniversary.

nooka watches are available here!

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