nooka press: japan, real design issue 1

here is great coverage from an interview i did in september/october in tokyo. this issue of real design for january 2010 not only has a full page on the AO, 2 pages on my design approach/philosophy, but also has a feature on the head of of japan operations, mr. yu yamada – almost a nooka issue! the headline on my interview translates as "looking to speed everyday objects to the future". i am also very flattered that i am included in a japan design feature [treated as a local designer, and not a foreigner. i was told this is because the interview was conducted in japanese + nooka has a tokyo office]. thanks to everyone in japan who took the time to make this happen [they actually had to redo the photoshoot as a hard-drive failed after the first one at the nookanooka gallery event we had in september!]. so, if you're in japan, make sure you pick up a copy of this magazine – the other articles are really good too.

purchase your nooka ao here!

nooka japan is

also, my latest article for can be seen here. it's a japanese version of my 2009 year in shoes.


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