Many Dreams, One World, and...(proven so far) One Plagiarist 12-year-old schoolgirl

A 12-year-old schoolgirl has been proven a plagiarist by a very sharp private tutor Ms. Anne Tok. The work of the young plagiarist was featured in the essay, "The Journey of Life" which is part of the book "Many Dreams, One World".

The composition has since been retitled as "The Journey of Life (of a Plagiarist)".

It is a contemplative essay on life, and appears in Many Dreams, One World, a book featuring works of primary school pupils.

But two parents who read the 440-word piece, entitled The Journey Of Life, were not convinced it was the work of a 12-year-old.

They chanced upon it after their children brought home the book handed out by a group of primary schools in the southern part of Singapore as examples of good writing.

From Straits Times, "Schoolgirl plagiarises".

Also from the Straits Times:
What was written (from the essay, "The Journey of Life"):

'There are many paths to enlightenment - their teachings rich and varied, offering wisdom and 'food for thought', and everything we need for our journey to awakening lies within us. In the beginning, spirituality appears like a bud on a bloom, opening gradually, tempting us with a glimpse of its splendour and unfathomable depths. It is here we create the blueprint for our collective existence.'

Private tutor Anne Tok, said she googled a line from the essay and up popped the work of Canadian spiritual healer Nancy Tabah Whynott. 'Surely, any teacher reading it would have suspected that the essay was plagiarised or, at the least, written by the parent,' said Madam Tok.


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