Zuji $1 Early Bird Airfares Sale!!

It's not a hoax. So far they have offered such tickets to Bali (10/11), Siem Reap (11/11), Koh Samui (12/11) & Kuching (13/11).

No, we weren't kidding when we promised you $1 airfares. We heard your voice through the "Petition for $1 Travel Deals on ZUJI", and with so many of you asking for it, who are we to argue? So here we are, with $1 Early Bird Airfares - always committed to Helping Holidays Happen.

Now, here's our advice - book your 2010 holidays early. And along with that, we highly recommend that you turn up for work on time - 9am sharp! What's the relevance? Nothing much really, just thought that we should reward early holiday birds and studious punctual working folks like you with a really Early-Morning Sale of $1 Early-Bird Airfares! If you are a latecomer or a procrastinator of sorts, it's probably time for some discipline, especially now when you have - a better reason to come in on time at 9am.

From Zuji, "Book in advance for cheap 2010 holidays | $1 Early Bird Airfares Sale".


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