Tony and October Gonzalez Would 'Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur'

But is it not the animals' one of many miserable destinies to serve as human's clothing?!

NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez makes another amazing play! But this time it's not one of his record breaking receptions, it's his all-star move for animals. The football sensation and his wife October are baring it all in a PETA ad to tell people to wear their own skin and let animals keep theirs. In the ad, Tony and October say "we'd rather go naked than wear fur."

Every piece of fur clothing, lining, and trim is the result of extreme suffering: Animals used for their fur are beaten, hanged , electrocuted, and even skinned alive.

Fur factory farms crowd animals into wire cages so small that they don't have room to walk. These cramped quarters cause great emotional distress to the animals, and they often turn to self-mutilation or cannibalism to cope with their anxiety.

With no federal humane laws regulating factory fur farms, farmers use barbaric methods for killing animals to avoid damaging their pelts—even if that means electrocuting, poisoning, or gassing them. It's no wonder that Tony and October would rather go naked than wear fur!

From PETA, "Tony and October Gonzalez Would 'Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur'".

If Tony Gonzalez and his wife October are wearing clothes in the new anti-fur advertisement from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, it must be visible only to them.

A day after the American media broke the news of the two appearing nude in the ad, the National Football League tight end said it is not entirely true. 'We had clothes on,' the Atlanta Falcons star told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Previously, athletes and celebrities, such as Eva Mendes, Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee and Dennis Rodman, have dropped their clothes for the ad campaign.

Still, after Gonzalez's teammates saw the ad, the 33-year-old endured some old-fashioned locker room talk. Some of it concerned October, a stunning brunette.

Cornerback Chris Houston told he is excited to see her. Another cornerback, Tye Hill, said: 'I'm sure he'll get some ripping for posing nude once everyone knows about it.'

But Gonzalez was not bothered. 'I'm OK with it,' he said. 'My wife is a pretty woman. She's like a flower. It's nice to be looked at.'

From Straits Times, "Were clothes on or off?".


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