of "Know the line", the campaign by National Council of Problem Gambling, and a specific sad case of one Ng Chee Kiang

National Council of Problem Gambling: Know the line

Ng Chee Kiang, the man who was believed to kill his 2 kids before committing suicide was reported to be a bankrupt in 2003. Ng Chee Kiang's financial woes were said due to 'a combination of overspending, gambling and speculating in the stock market'.

He, sadly, did not know the line, if I were to relate to the latest campaign by the National Council of Problem Gambling. Yes, gambling is just one of many weaknesses Ng was guilty of. That, however, may be the worst.

Who is not tempted of easy money that one can win by gambling?

Easy come, easy go. You may win easily, and not only you may lose the winning. Hey, since you're at the winning streak, might as well continue gambling, right? Wrong. You'll lose the winning. And you'll continue losing more as you determine to recoup your winning. And that will cloud your judgement & you'll lose again. And again, you'll gamble on as now you have the quest to win back your money.

It's a bloody vicious cycle, I tell you.

You can empathize better with the 'real voices' that the National Council of Problem Gambling features at its website. Check them out here. There are two: by Alex & Mary. Alex sounds like a student while Mary is a 50-year-old housewife. Such good examples that problem gambling afflicts people regardless of their age.

Sigh. I regret the fact how in Ng's case, his innocent children were killed. This Ng guy must have been at his wits' end not knowing how to turn a new leaf. He had responsibilities as the head of the family & he must have felt that he failed.

To end his life (as tempting as it may sound) is just not the right solution. But it's too late for that now. If you feel there's a gambling monster within you (take the gambling test, will you?), quickly call the hotline 1800 6 668 668!

It's mentally taxing when you started to think gambling all the time.

The man suspected of killing his two children before falling to his death on Saturday had been declared a bankrupt in 2003.

A report from the Insolvency and Public Trustee's Office showed that Mr Ng Chee Kiang's financial problems arose through a combination of overspending, gambling and speculating in the stock market.

While he had been working for Japanese food specialist PTC-Nakajima Suisan for over a decade - he earned about $5,000 a month there as a manager - his salary was not able to support his lifestyle as he reportedly raked up debts of more than $200,000.

Friends and neighbours also said that he and his wife, Madam Ong Lay Choo, 28, had been having marital problems for over a year, with talk of a looming divorce and custody battle for their children.

But it is still unclear how his financial woes and a strained relationship with his wife culminated in his and his children's deaths on Saturday.

His flat on the sixth floor of Block 543, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10 was set on fire 10 minutes before he fell from the 12th floor.

From Straits Times, "Manager a bankrupt".


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