nooka press: taiwan funs want magazine

great article in funs want magazine in taiwan. they took a fun photo of me when i was in taiwan. i LOVE this magazine. they have a perfect mix of streetwear, music scene, local and foreign celeb coverage, and now with me: design visionaries.

strangely, even though they have my business card and my name is all over the web, asian magazines can't seem to spell "matthew" correctly – but that's cool – the nooka brand is more important than my fragile ego [right?]. another strange thing about this article is that they reference the nooka fragrance as being based on marijuana, which is totally not accurate nor anything i said in the interview. hopefully it will be a case of all press is good press and a 2 page spread is actually GREAT press. i guess the taiwanese press didn't plan on me being able to read a bit of chinese:)

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