Muhammad Nor Rashidy Bin Rahmat: missing?! (Update: he's found dead. Killed.)

A 6-year-old-boy Muhammad Nor Rashidy Bin Rahmat is missing?! Block 65 Kallang Bahru is where he was last seen. I am rather disappointed that the news did not appear earlier. He's been gone for almost 1 week!

The police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of a 6 year-old boy, Muhammad Nor Rashidy Bin Rahmat, who was last seen at Block 65 Kallang Bahru on November 18 at about 6pm.

The boy is described to be about 1.20 metres tall with fair complexion and black hair.

Anyone with information on the boy can call the police hotline at 1800-2550000.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Police appeal for information on missing 6-year-old boy".

Update on 25/11: the missing boy, Muhammad Nor Rashidy Bin Rahmat was found. Dead. A suspect was arrested for the murder.

The decomposed body of a six-year-old boy, who was reported missing since last Wednesday, was found on the bank of the Kallang River near Block 44 on Bendemeer Road on Wednesday morning.

A man in his early 30s has been arrested and will be charged with the boy's murder on Thursday, said police, who found the body at 8.40am.

The boy, Muhammad Nor Rashidy Bin Rahmat, was last seen at his home in Block 65, Kallang Bahru on Nov 18 at about 6 pm, said police, who made an appeal for information on his whereabouts on Tuesday.

From Asiaone, "Missing boy's body found".

The decomposed body of a six-year-old boy, who was reported missing a week ago, was found on Wednesday morning on the bank of the Kallang River near Block 44, Bendemeer Road.

The body, fully-clothed and stuffed in a trolley bag and zipped, was later confirmed by family members to be that of Muhammad Nor Rashidy Rahmat.

On Tuesday, the police had issued an appeal for information on Rashidy, who has been missing since Nov 18. His family had made a report on Saturday.

The boy lived with his grandmother and aunt in a three-room flat a few blocks from where his body was found. His mother is in jail for drug related offences while his father's whereabouts is unknown.

A 31-year-old man, believed to be the boy's babysitter, has been arrested for murder.

The man and his wife were hired by Rashidy's family last month to bring the boy to and from school. The suspect will be charged in court on Thursday.

From Straits Times, "Missing boy's body found".

Update on 26/11: his brief life may be sad, but Edy (short for Muhammad Nor Rashidy Rahmat) had of course the right to live on his life. Which is no longer possible for the six year old boy.

His father is missing and his mother was imprisoned last year for drug offences.

But that did not stop six year-old Edy from being active, friendly and polite to his neighbours.

So it was with shock that his next-door neighbour, taxi driver Tan Teck Hoon, found out that the boy had come to a tragic end after being missing for a week.

Edy, whose full name is Muhammad Nor Rashidy Rahmat, had been murdered.

'I don't know his name but he seemed well-behaved. Whenever he saw me, he would call me 'uncle, uncle',' said Mr Tan, 45.

He added that he had seen the boy, whom he described as active and not afraid of strangers, running alone around the neighbourhood.

'Why kill a small kid? The people (who did it) must be psychos,' he said.

Edy, who lived at Block 65 in Kallang Bahru with his grandmother and his mother's sister, was last seen there last Wednesday evening before he went missing.

Edy's aunt, Ms Nur Liana Amin, 21, said that the child's hired caregiver, a man called Boy, had taken Edy to kindergarten as usual last Wednesday morning, Berita Harian reported yesterday.

After Edy's class was over, Boy took him out to play. During that time, police went to Edy's home and arrested Boy's wife for drug offences, said Ms Nur.

Ms Nur said that the family contacted Boy later to ask him if Edy was with him.

Boy answered 'yes', adding that he would take Edy home.

But Edy never got back.

Edy's family called Boy repeatedly, but he would only say that he was occupied and would take Edy home as soon as possible.

Edy's grandmother, Madam Asmah Asmoneh, 56, decided to trust Boy and believed that Edy was safe with him.

The family waited a whole day before Boy finally turned up last Friday at Edy's home, but without Edy. Boy said that he was at the void deck with Edy earlier and had told him to go back home on his own.

When the family told Boy that Edy had not returned, he hurriedly left, saying that he would go look for Edy.

That was the last time Ms Nur saw Boy. She said that the family tried to call him after that, but he could not be reached as he had turned off his mobile phone.

Boy and his wife were hired a month ago to look after Edy.

They live in Bukit Merah. Boy was described as being tall, with long hair and tattoos on both forearms.

Ms Nur told Berita Harian that they suspected Boy had taken Edy because he loved the boy very much.

Mr Tan's mother told reporters yesterday that she had often seen a man with shoulder- length hair visiting Edy's home.

She said that Edy seemed to know the man and get along well with him.

The police said that Edy's grandmother had made a police report on Monday that an acquaintance had taken the boy five days earlier, and he had not returned home yet.

The police then mounted an islandwide search, involving almost 70 officers, to look for the acquaintance and Edy.

On Tuesday afternoon, the police sent out an appeal for information on the whereabouts of the missing six-year-old.

And they found him early yesterday morning - dead.

His decomposed body was found in a trolley bag along the banks of the Kallang River, near Block 44 in Bendemeer Road.

Mr Addie Riz, 40, who lives in Block 44 and is self-employed, said that he saw the police escorting a plump, dark-skinned man with shoulder- length hair in his 30s below his block at about 8am.

The man had his hands and feet in straps.

The police said yesterday that after more than 36 hours, they had found the acquaintance of Edy's grandmother, a 31-year-old man, in a hotel in Westerhout Road early yesterday morning.

The suspect will be charged in court today with murder. If convicted, the penalty is death.

Edy's cousin, who wanted to be known only as Lina, a 28-year-old kindergarten teacher, told reporters yesterday that his grandmother was very distraught.

'We want justice and hope the police will help us investigate,' she said.

Lina, who is a mother herself, said that she hopes her family's tragedy does not happen to other people and said that 'all parents must be very vigilant'.

From Asiaone, "Edy's sad life".

The murder of 6-year-old Muhammad Nor Rashidy Rahmat had apparently taken place last Friday at a flat at Block 151, Mei Ling Street.

This was revealed in the Subordinate Court on Thursday when a 31-year-old man, Mohammad Johan Rashid, was charged with the offence.

The decomposed body of the boy was stuffed into a bag and was found in a canal along Bendemeer Road on Wednesday.

According to the charge read out in court, the suspect had allegedly committed the offence last Friday between 2pm and 4pm.

A Mei Ling Street resident by the name of Nita, who lives in the same block as Mohammad Johan, said he does not mingle with them.

"I used to see him at the ground floor. But I've never spoken to him. He has long hair and was always wearing a cap. He also has a dark complexion and has tattoos on both his arms," she said.

"He seems to be quite proud as he never speaks to the neighbours. I've also seen his wife who is also tattooed."

The suspect wore a white T shirt, brown shorts and looked dazed when the charges were read out to him in court.

The accused has been remanded in the Central Police Station for further investigations and his case will be mentioned again on December 3.

If found guilty, he could face the death penalty.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Man charged with alleged murder of 6-year-old boy".


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