Michaele and Tareq Salahi: White House gatecrashers; Michaele Salahi facebook displays state dinner photos!

The complete photos of the state dinner that Tareq Salahi and his beautiful wife, Michaele gatecrashed confidently can be found in Michaele Salahi's facebook page here. Yes, the photos are accessible for all!

When India’s soft spoken Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was talking business with his host United States President Barack Obama who had thrown a grand party for him, he had no idea that two people were there uninvited. In India even those invited to such parties are turned away if they don’t possess invitation cards and their cars don’t show parking slips issued by authorities.

Oh yes, Khabrein.info in "Tarek and Michaele Salahi couple crashes state dinner and Tareq Salahi Facebook" has a refreshing way to tell the story. Heh.

The Secret Service may pursue a criminal investigation of the couple who crashed a White House dinner honoring India's prime minister, but events at the security checkpoint may determine whether the security breach is a crime or just an embarrassment.

Jim Mackin, an agency spokesman, said the possible turn toward criminal charges is one reason the Secret Service has kept mum about what happened when Michaele and Tareq Salahi arrived at the checkpoint Tuesday. They were not on the guest list for the dinner honoring Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Federal law makes it a crime to knowingly and willfully falsify statements on matters within the federal government's jurisdiction.

Nobody disputes that the couple, candidates for a reality TV show, were allowed through security. The Secret Service acknowledges that its procedures weren't followed. Yet, it remains unclear whether the couple lied to the security officers and, if so, whether they violated federal law.

'As this moves closer to a criminal investigation there's less that we can say,' Mr Mackin said. 'I don't want to jeopardise what could be a criminal investigation. We're not leaving any option off the table at this point.'

The Salahis lawyer, Paul Gardner, posted a comment on their Facebook page saying, 'My clients were cleared by the White House, to be there.' He said more information would be forthcoming. Several messages left at Gardner's law firm on Friday were not immediately returned.

From Straits Times, "Criminal probe on crashers".


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