Malaysia boleh: Politics is above your wife/wives

There is this terrible oath of loyalty called bai'ah that requires PAS elected representatives to divorce their wives if they jump party. Is politics really above your own loved one(s)? Shah Alam MP Khalid Abdul for sure does think so.

He must think he is such a loyal member to PAS. I pity his wife/wives.

Shah Alam member of parliament Khalid Abdul Samad today admitted his mistake of making a statement on bai'ah or oath of loyalty requiring PAS elected representatives to divorce their wives if they jump party, which has caused uneasiness in PAS.

He regretted divulging the existence of such an oath of loyalty but declined to withdraw his statement.

"With that, I regard the issue closed. I admit my mistake in exposing the bai'ah as it was between me and Allah.

"I should not have done that. I should just have kept quiet about it," he told reporters at the parliament lobby.

Last Friday, press reports quoted Khalid as saying that all PAS elected representatives, whether MPs or state assemblymen, must take bai'ah or divorce their wives with talak tiga (which makes reconciliation impossible unless she marries another man and is then divorced by him) if they jump party.

He had said that it was an oath as proof of their loyalty to the party.

From New Straits Times, "Khalid Samad admits mistake of divulging loyalty oath".


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