Leung Ting beats mistress, jailed

What a tragedy & misuse of his martial prowess. (Now, come to think about it if Leung Ting really wanted to misuse his skills, the mistress should easily have been dead by now.)

Then again, Leung Ting has been known to be quite, well, controversial. Just check out what Wikipedia says about Leung Ting:
Leung claims to be the last closed door disciple of the late Yip Man, though some of Yip Man's students have disputed whether he ever even studied with Yip. Thus, in addition to disputes about Leung's seniority (among Yip's students), there is also some question about his actual lineage.

This controversy was further fueled in part by allegations that a photo that Leung has presented showing him with Yip Man was doctored or altered from a photograph that show Yip Man with the chief editor of the New Martial Hero magazine. Leung, in turn, has denied the head change. Other photo evidence shows Leung at Yip Man's funeral with an armband that apparently denotes a rank other than first generation (i.e., an armband that indicates that Leung was considered to be a grandstudent of Ip Man's rather than a direct student.).

Interesting, isn't it?

Kung Fu master Leung Ting, the last student of martial arts sifu Ip Man, has been sentenced to two months' jail for assaulting his girlfriend.

Leung, the 62-year-old junior apprentice of international kungfu star Bruce Lee, is the founder of the International WingTsun Association.

He was charged with attacking his girlfriend, who was then three months' pregnant, by dragging her on the ground, pulling her hair and kicking her stomach at his home in Hong Kong on March 30.

The couple had entered a heated argument after the girlfriend, 45, was believed to have offended Leung's ex-wife.

Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily reported that the court had found Leung guilty and sentenced him to two months' jail on Thursday.

After the judgement was read out, Leung raised his hands and shouted ?objection?. He even blurted out the word "bullshit" at the judge.

He was released on HK$5,000 (S$903) bail with HK$50,000 (S$9,030) sureties pending his appeal against the judgement.

He has a criminal record for fighting in public areas and was fined HK$500 (S$93) some 18 years ago.

Leung had started practising WingTsun at the age of 13 but was trained by Ip Man when he turned 18.

He started teaching martial arts in foreign countries in the 1980s.

Today, Leung has established his martial arts centres in more than 60 countries with thousands of students worldwide.

From Asiaone, "Kung Fu master jailed for beating mistress".

Renowned kung fu master Leung Ting was sentenced yesterday to two months in jail for attacking his girlfriend.

Kowloon City deputy magistrate Ko Wai-hung released Leung, 62, on HK$50,000 bail pending appeal. Following the sentencing, Leung's former girlfriend and victim Rita Lip Sik-ying, who described the assault as "disgraceful," said she would not have called police if she had not been beaten so severely.

Speaking to Sing Tao Daily, sister paper of The Standard, Lip, 45, described Leung as a womanizer who had many girlfriends.

Nevertheless, she saw him as an attractive man ever since meeting him through a friend about five years ago.

"He is a kung fu master but is also knowledgeable about everything," said Lip, adding she has not been in touch with Leung since the March assault. "I have mixed feelings about the sentence, considering we had been together for a few years."

After hearing Ko's guilty verdict, Leung stood up twice in the dock and shouted that the court did not have the facts and a full picture of the incident.

Leung, the WingTsun founder, had denied one count of assault causing actual bodily harm.

In his ruling, Ko admitted the case involved a "one-against-one situation, with no independent witness."

But he said Lip was honest and did not exaggerate her case against Leung.

Neither did Ko believe Leung beat Lip out of self-defense. He said being found guilty would seriously hurt Leung's career.

Lip testified that Leung banged her head against the floor, kicked her in the stomach and boxed her ears during a dispute concerning one of his former wives.

But Leung, in refuting the claims, said Lip became upset when he did not give her the HK$50,000 she wanted for an abortion to be performed in Singapore.

Leung said Lip became hysterical and tried to jump from a window, and that he tried to save her by grabbing her arm and neck.

He also claimed Lip began hitting her head on the floor and banged on his neighbors' doors, shouting: "Leung Ting is hitting a woman."

A medical report on Lip indicated tenderness to her neck, redness to her face, bleeding to the eyes, and bruises.

From The Standard, "Kung fu master found guilty of beating girlfriend".

A Kung Fu grandmaster, who trained under the same teacher as Bruce Lee, has been jailed in Hong Kong for assaulting his mistress. Leung Ting, the founder of the internationally known Wing Tsun Association, was sentenced to two months for the assault on Rita Lip Sik-ying, 45, his lover of five years.

The prosecution said the assault occurred in March after the couple rowed over a matter relating to Leung’s former wife. Lip told court Leung pushing her down, banged her head on the floor, kicked her in the stomach and boxed her ears, a report in the South China Morning Post said. Leung, 62, pleaded not guilty, claiming a hysterical Lip had banged her own head against the floor because he would not give her money.

From Gulf Times, "Kung Fu grandmaster is jailed for kicking mistress".


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