lemongraphicblog -- the latest Ping cheat?

Screenshot of Ping.sg dated 16/11/09 10:05 PM

I'll let the screenshots speak for themselves. In the screenshot above, it shows lemographicblog's two posts in the top 10 of Most Popular posts for the last 24 hours in Ping.sg.

The first post reveals that there were 7 Pongs by lemongraphicblog, wishingstar, lingo, yixuanz, adeline, joanneshin, and serenesim. Which were also the same nicks who ponged for the second post. In the exact same order!

And what's more amazing is that besides the pingster himself (aka the shameful lemongraphicblog), the 6 Pongs were originated from members who were also joining ping.sg on the same date (24 June 2009)!!

I rest my case. Uzyn (the Maker of Ping.sg), care to re-look on how the pong system can be improved? Or at the very least, introduce some sort of penalty system for those who misuse the pongs.

In case you wonder, this is not the first case. Yup, do remember howcomeyouarehere in "howcomeyouarehere -- the latest Ping cheat?" and passportchop in "The latest Ping fraud exposed: 'passportchop' & his army of clones???". Hur hur.

The First Post by lemongraphicblog: Notice who ponged it?!

The Second Post by lemongraphicblog: Notice who ponged it?!


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