'Up' extras: what happened to George & AJ?

AJ & George helplessly in shocked as they witness the house flying.

AJ & George helplessly in shocked--still--as they drive away.

AJ helplessly in shocked--still--during the night. Note: he's too shocked to even change his attire.

Likewise what happens with George. Surprised his wife does not ask why the hell he sleeps with his working uniform on.

AJ & George helplessly in shocked while being interviewed by a TV reporter in the next morning. Can safely assume they are still wearing the same clothing.

If you watched Up, you were probably dying to know what happened to the black dude (the name's George) and the white guy (he's AJ) with a mullet who came to put Carl Fredrickson in a old folks' home, Shady Oaks.

In the animated movie, Up, they witnessed first hand how Carl Fredrickson escaped with his house with his house elevated to air, thanks to countless balloons.

In this new short film by Pixar, more are revealed about what happened next to George & AJ. I like best to see their consistent look of shock. Ah, why don't you just check out the clip, "Pixar Short: George and AJ"? Heh.


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