Be a maid in Singapore & earn a degree! (If you're an Indonesian, to be precise)

The news that 'some 125 Indonesian maids' are studying for degrees--thanks to the Indonesian Embassy--ought to make Singapore as an attractive place for more Inodnesian maids to work.

Of course it's assuming that the employers here are supportive enough to allow their maids to take Sundays off for them to pursue their study.

My understanding is that there is no such 'luxury' yet. Why else there's a Facebook group, "Give our maids in Singapore one rest day a week is on Facebook"?!

The Indonesian Embassy had done well. But not enough. The next move it has to do is to lobby the Singapore government to ensure a day off a week. C'mon, to expect someone to work 7 days a week?! Well, I know it's possible (been there, done that) but it's just plain 'unhealthy'.

Some 125 Indonesian maids in Singapore are studying for degrees through an initiative started by the Indonesian Embassy.

It began in March this year and the initiative is believed to be the first of its kind in the region.

The maids attend the Singapore Indonesian School, which offers degree programmes ranging from accounting to public administration, on Sundays.

The degree programmes on offer are recognised by the civil service as well as many private companies in Indonesia.

From Channel NewsAsia, "Indonesian maids in S'pore pursue degree programmes".


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