Arsenic is not a recipe for an everlasting marriage, really!!

32 years of marriage may means a beautifully lasting relationship or a suffering one. One 70-year-old Mr. Chan Tin Sun will insist on the latter. And no, this is not an episode of Psychoville even though, yes, there's a character who poisoned her husband till her well-intentioned son accidentally killed him (the husband or the son's father. Duh!) with sleeping pills.

At 67, she is now on trial - accused of poisoning her husband of 32 years with arsenic.

Fong Quay Sim is said to have fed Mr Chan Tin Sun, 70, arsenic between 2004 and 2005 while they were still living together at Jalan Ulu Siglap.

Yesterday, the Community Court heard how a doctor treating Mr Chan for various ailments in 2006 had gone to the police after detecting high amounts of the poison, commonly found in insecticides and pesticides, in his urine sample.

The victim identified his wife as the culprit, although he had never witnessed her committing the act. Asked why he did so, the retiree and former contractor said, "Because my food is bought by her."

Mr Chan told the court his suspicions were aroused as early as 12 years ago when his skin turned black from poisoning.

Between 2003 and 2005, he was admitted to hospital on several occasions for poisoning, he said.

Over the years, he had confronted his wife a couple of times, but she always denied it.

The court heard that Mr Chan got very ill on several occasions in 2006 and was bedridden in hospital for a few months. At one point, he was so sick he could not move his limbs. After tests were done, doctors told him it was arsenic poisoning.

Mr Chan also claims that his bad health - he suffers from lung and liver problems, as well as skin and pancreatic cancer - is a consequence of the prolonged poisoning.

After he was discharged at the end of 2006, he kicked Fong out of their home out of fear that she would poison him.

From Today, "My wife fed me arsenic: Hubby".

Update on 06/11: Yes, the wife admits that she poisoned her husband.

A woman confessed to poisoning her husband when quizzed by a police officer, a district court heard on Friday

Fong Quay Sim, who turned 68 on Friday, admitted poisoning her husband, Mr Chan Tin Sun, 70, to the investigation officer, Sheik Faisal, on Oct 29 last year.

The Bedok police division station inspector said he met Fong near her house at Opera Estate the day before and told her he had to re-interview her. The next day, he told Fong that based on the arsenic found in the victim's blood, police suspected that someone could have deliberately given poison to the victim.

He then asked if she had any comments on the matter. After a while, Fong told him that she was the one who had poisoned him, claiming that she was 'angry and depressed with her husband'.

The officer stopped the interview and contacted his supervisor who directed him to invite Fong to write her own confession.

Fong is alleged to have caused her husband to take arsenic at their former home at Jalan Ulu Siglap between 2004 and 2005. The trial continues.

From Straits Times, "Wife admits poisoning man".


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