70 facts you didn't know about Marvel

Venom: What, me, female?! Don't you see these muscles?!

70 facts you didn't know about Marvel. It's intriguing to read (Fact no.16) about how...

The Spider-man villain Venom was originally supposed to be a woman, not the Daily Bugle journalist Eddie Brock. Venom's creator, David Michelinie, said that woman was heavily pregnant and on her way to hospital when a cab driver, distracted by a fight between Spider-man and some super goon in the sky above, accidentally runs over her husband in front of her, causing her to go into labour. She loses the baby and goes crazy as a result. The black alien costume that Spider-man had tried to destroy several issues before because it was taking control of his mind seeks her out and bonds with her. Although Spider-man editor Jim Salicrup liked the idea of an "evil Spider-man", he did not think a woman could be a credible threat to the hero. Michelinie then came up with the idea of Eddie Brock.

Partially quoted from TimesOnline, "70 facts you didn't know about Marvel".

Sounds a bit an insult, eh? A woman couldn't be a credible threat to the Spider-man. Heh.


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