Wishy-washy Claire Lee: I want to be Miss Singapore...Not?!

Ris Low & Claire Lee: Why can't they just kiss and say goodbye?!

What a surprise! Just last week on 2 Oct, the first runner-up of Miss Singapore, Claire Lee declared that she wanted to be Miss Singapore.

After all, Ris Low had given up the title 'Miss Singapore World 2009'...or forced to?! (A very disappointing turn of event, I'd say. These days people do not believe in second chance, huh? Or maybe they are just not forgiving to Misses Singapore who had dark past of being credit card frauds. I don't know. There is more than one, is it? Who cares? The pageant organizers, for sure, ought to do their due diligence...diligently.)

Yet today I read with much dismay that Claire Lee insisted that she doesn't want to be involved anymore (in this pageant contest thing cum tedious catfight) & that she will represent Singapore (for the Miss Universe competition) only if the organizers (the slow-responding ERM) threaten to sue her.

Yeah, right. Is this some kind of a reverse psychology tactic, eh Claire Bear? Oops, sorry...I'm confused with Heroes' Claire Bennet.

Claire Lee is hardly a hero(ine) for giving up her chance to represent Singapore just because a silly provocation from the humiliated, dethroned ex-Miss Singapore, Ris Low. (The latter accused the former of leaking her conviction to the media.)

I believe Claire Lee should retract her statement soon--insist that you're misquoted, okay?!--and proclaim that she will be ready to take up the challenge to compete in Miss Universe battle & do Singapore proud!

Ris Low had wasted her chance. Pity. So why should Claire Lee willingly throw away hers?!

Now that Miss Singapore World Ris Low has given up her crown, all eyes will be fixed on the next representative.

Contractually, the first runner-up Miss Claire Lee should take over the title but pageant organiser ERM World Marketing has not contacted her.

When interviewed, Miss Lee told RazorTV that her relationship with the organiser is 'not really good' because she has been talking to the press.

However, if given a chance to take on the world stage in South Africa at the end of the year, she will take it.

From Straits Times, "I want to be Miss S'pore". (02/10/09)

A spat has developed between recently dethroned Miss Singapore World Ris Low and the pageant's first runner-up Claire Lee.

Miss Low claims that Miss Lee faked a back injury to save embarrassment in case she was not selected to represent Singapore. Miss Lee denies this.

Miss Low also said that Miss Lee had snitched to the media about her being on probation for credit card fraud. Miss Lee also denies this.

The latest controversy started when Miss Low called Shin Min Daily News last Friday to tell them that Miss Lee had confessed to her about faking a back injury so that she will not 'lose face' if she is not chosen to be the next Miss Singapore World by pageant organiser ERM World Marketing.

Miss Low, 19, a hospitality student at a private school, gave up her crown last week after media reports that she had been charged with credit card fraud last year and was put on 24 months' supervised probation.

When contacted by The Sunday Times on Saturday night, Miss Low said that she had recorded a telephone conversation with Miss Lee in which the latter had admitted faking her injury.

When she played back the recording, a woman - who she said was Miss Lee - could be clearly heard saying she hated the pageant organiser for what they have done to Miss Low.

The woman did mention having a back injury, but nowhere in the conversation did she admit to faking it.

Miss Low said she will be passing the audio recording to Ms Tracy Lee, ERM's event director, today so that the pageant organiser will know that Miss Lee 'has been badmouthing them'.

Asked about how the recording did not have Miss Lee saying she faked the injury, Miss Low said that although Miss Lee did not say so outright, Miss Low knew that the back injury was not serious.

From Straits Times, "Backstabber? Who? Me?". (04/10/09)

She may be the prime candidate to replace dethroned beauty queen Ris Low, but unless she is threatened with a lawsuit by the contest organisers, Ms Claire Lee, the first runner-up in this year's beleaguered Miss Singapore-World contest, will not represent Singapore at the Miss World finals.

This, after the pageant-pals-turned-foes had a public spat over how the media had sniffed out 19-year-old Miss Low's conviction for credit card fraud in May this year.

The latter had claimed that Ms Lee, 23, had told on her, and had faked a back injury to "save face" in case she was not selected as the replacement.

Choking back sobs as she revealed her decision to MediaCorp over the phone yesterday, Ms Lee said: "I'm being accused of things I didn't do. People now think I did it to take the title, but that's not true ... I don't want to be involved anymore."

Asked about her contractual obligations, Ms Lee said: "I don't intend to represent Singapore unless ERM threatens to sue me."

The Nanyang Technological University aerospace engineering graduate said she has not informed pageant organisers ERM World Marketing about her decision.

When contacted yesterday, ERM events director Tracy Lee declined to comment on the status of the selection for Ms Low's replacement or on Ms Lee's decision, and only said that an announcement would be made when the company is "ready".

ERM had earlier said in a press statement that it will hold interviews to determine the new representative - although other pageant organisers say it is industry practice for the first runner-up to assume the title in an event where the winner is unable to represent the country.

MediaCorp understands the finalist has to leave Nov 15 for the finals in South Africa.

With the pageant's top two out of the running, whether Singapore will have a representative this year is anybody's guess given that one month may be too short a period for a contestant to prepare adequately.

As for second runner-up, Ms Pilar Arlando, 19, she did not respond to phone calls yesterday, while the other two women in the Top Five, Ms Sonia Sawlani, 23, and Ms Oxy Ong, 20, confirmed they have not been called up for interviews yet.

When told of Ms Lee's pulling out yesterday, her erstwhile friend Ms Low said: "I don't care and I have nothing to say."

"I'll be graduating in January, then I'll take some time to enjoy life ... Two years later, hopefully Singapore will forget all this and I can step on the stage again. I like to be a shining star, the centre of attraction."

From Channel NewsAsia, "Miss Singapore-World first runner-up says 'no' to finals". (06/10/09)

PS. The caption of "Ris Low & Claire Lee: Why can't they just kiss and say goodbye?!" is inspired by the song, "Kiss and Say Goodbye".

PPS. The above photo was taken from this Vietnam news (yes, the shameful story even spreads THAT far!!), "Singapore 'đau đầu' tìm người dự thi Miss World 2009".


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