Ris in her own world: "Beauty and poise, Claire doesn't have any of it."

The RIGHTFUL Miss Singapore 2009, Claire Lee: "Beauty & poise, I personify them!"

That anyhow statement (no, it's not boomz, Ris!) was issued by someone who admitted that using other people's credit cards was 'fun'. Claire Lee, the first runner up of Miss Singapore, may or may not have beauty and poise. But she definitely is more trustworthy than the credit card fraud, ex Miss Singapore 2009 Ris Low.

Well, at least Claire Lee should now be enjoying her trip to Bangkok. As posted in her blog, "Can't wait to go Bangkok!", she will be another fearless Melissa Faith Yeo who faced the cruel surgery to enhance her breasts.


Wrong! Just kidding. It is truly heartening to read how Claire Lee doing her part to support a certain Poh Teck Tung Foundation. That organization help bury dead (unclaimed) bodies. The official website--useful if you can read Thai words: www.pohtecktung.org.

Now I really feel strongly that ERM ought to threaten to sue Claire Lee so that she will participate to represent Singapore in Miss World Competition. Not a credit card fraud? Check. Able to empathize with low-life scums? Check. Involved in some charity work? Check.

It's the quest to World Peace, Claire! Seize the crown, why don't you?! Shouldn't be wishy-washy, girl. You're after all the pageant's first runner up & heck, you should do more than wait for the slowpoke ERM to pick up the phone & beg you to represent Singapore for the Miss World competition. Instead, you ought to insist publicly of what rightly shall belong to you!

Fallen beauty queen Ris Low has revealed all in a no-holds-barred interview with RazorTV. The interview will be uploaded on the website (www.razor.tv) on Wednesday at 8pm.

In it, the former Miss Singapore World talks about her penchant for stealing and cheating. Ms Low, who was sentenced for credit card fraud in May, admits that using other people's credit cards was 'fun'.

She also talks about her bipolar disorder which affects her relationship with men and makes her drink excessively.

She also disses the pageant's runner-up Claire Lee who was thought to succeed her. But Ms Low says: 'Beauty and poise, Claire doesn't have any of it.'

Finally, Low gives her opinion on the word 'Boomz', a self-coined word which was derided by many but has also caught on with many Singaporeans.

Catch the full 8-clip interview available on RazorTV from 8pm on Wednesday.

From Straits Times, "Ris in her own words".


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