Psychoville & a peep at Paradise Syndrome

Written by the Leagsters for BBC Two, Psychoville is a dark character comedy mystery featuring characters from all over the UK, who each receive a mysterious letter. Spoiler alert: don't check out the Wikipedia article on Psychoville. Oh, never mind.

It's a hilarious, dark comedy & what I like most is that I learn a new thing about sick people with their sick mind. For example: one 'psycho' suffers from Paradise Syndrome which is defined briefly in Wikipedia as 'a feeling of dissatisfaction despite having achieved all one's dreams'.

If you google 'paradise syndrome psychology', you'll come across this TVNZ article, "Paradises syndrome: When too much is never enough".

Partially quoted:
Are you dissatisfied with your life, even though you've got everything you ever wanted - kids, a lovely house, a loving partner?

Have you landed that dream job or reached the pinnacle of your career, yet still feel empty inside?

If this is you, you may be suffering from paradise syndrome - a term used by cultural commentators to describe a condition where people feel dissatisfied even thought they've achieved their dreams.

Interesting. It now seems a good move to set an unachievable target, doesn't it? Lest one may suffers from Paradise Syndrome. Either that, or always set a new (higher) target, or not to even set a goal at all (Nah, this is too extreme!).


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