Princess Alicia's multi-colored coat like Joseph's

Serving in Sunday School has actually been teaching me a lot more than what I'm supposed to be doing for the kids. Last Sunday was an example. In the crafts activity part, we're supposed to help the kids create a colorful vest that resembles that of Joseph, the favored son of Jacob. The materials given to them were, shall we say, recycled - cut-out colored papers, plastic (Fairprice) grocery bags with holes for the arms, and staple wires to form an improvised vest. Um, not exciting at all! Well, for me, that is.

So I was surprised to find the girls in my group scrambled to choose different colored papers for their vest. They chose the combination of colors with infectious enthusiasm and glee! After the activity, I helped the girls put on their 'robe' and exclaimed an appreciative wow to encourage them to wear something I thought was not eyecandy at all.

But lo and behold, the girls loved them! Alicia who's in the picture placed stamp marks all over her vest to mark her ownership and proudy showed her mom our masterpiece. She was grinning ear to ear as she models the makeshift multi-colored coat. My heart became undone.

Clearly I've become jaded. I no longer see and feel like Alicia and the rest of the girls do.
I have grown up.

But it takes a child's teachable and modest spirit to produce this epiphany.
May I re/learn to wear the coat of the present with pure contentment, infectious enthusiasm, and unassuming heart like it is the best I could ever have. May my heart never grows dull and jaded and unappreciative of the little things that matter.


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