Massely Abdul Aziz joins the Hall of Shame of maid abusers

A word that best describes Massely Abdul Aziz: a monster! I have this mental image that a well deserving punishment for her (actually for all those animals who abuse their domestic helpers) is the exact kind of treatment that they did to their maids.

Imagine your teeth pulled out with pliers! You played a dentist huh, Massely Abdul Aziz?!

She poured boiling water over her maid's genitals and helped extract the woman's two front teeth with pliers.

On Wednesday, Massely Abdul Aziz, 38, was the last in a family of maid abusers to be convicted of these offences committed in 2007. Her two children and the lesbian lover she lived with, were jailed last year.

During the three-week trial earlier this year, Massely claimed that the 30-year-old maid had asked to be punished in order to repent her 'wrongdoings'.

But District Judge Jeffrey Sim said: 'It may well be that the maid may have committed mistakes... but this does not justify the offences.'

The judge was also convinced that the divorcee had hit Ms Badingah with a metal rod and threatened to kill her if she did not return $60 she was accused of stealing.

All the offences occurred in June and July that year.

From Straits Times, "Convicted for maid abuse".

Update on 04/11: Maselly Abdul Aziz the maid abuser is to be thrown to jail to rot for three (short) years. Seriously, the prosecutor ought to appeal for harsher punishment!!

The woman who poured boiling water on her maid's genitals and joined in to extract the Indonesian woman's two front teeth with pliers, was jailed for three years on Wednesday.

Maselly Abdul Aziz, 39, is the last in a family of maid abusers to be sentenced for these offences committed on Ms Badingah in 2007.

Her two older children and a woman described in court as Maselly's lesbian lover were jailed last year for their part in abusing the maid.

Maselly, a divorcee, was allowed to begin her jail sentence on Dec 28 as her elder daughter would be released on home detention by then to look after a two-year-old grandchild - her daughter's son.

After the three-week trial, District Judge Jeffrey Sim was also convinced that Maselly had hit Ms Badingah with a metal rod and threatened to kill her.

She pleaded guilty to employing another foreign maid without a work permit between March and December 2005 and was fined $7,500.

From Straits Times, "3-year jail for maid abuse".


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