Light And Dark

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I'm a bit ill educated on the musical history of Lee Coombs but after looking at his release catalog I'd say it was fair to assume that he's one of the prominent DJ's of the past 10 years or so. I received two of his newest tracks that appear on his third album 'Light and Dark', including the title track and I'm hooked. I suggest you have a listen to them too but first here's a bit of info about the man.

‘Light and Dark’ is in Coombs own words “a true tech funk album”, an amalgam of sounds and influences from dance music’s often disparate scenes. Alongside acts like Meat Katie, Dylan Rhymes and Elite Force, Coombs has pioneered this open minded attitude and helped forge the sound of ‘tech funk’, a fusion of techno, breaks, house and electro. On this long player Coombs takes the tech funk spirit and develops it to the n’th degree, it is a true melting pot of influences, from the opening bars of the Diva driven Control with the wonderful Katherine Ellis to the final refrain of the heavily Echo & the Bunnymen inspired ‘Blues I’m Singing’.

Lee Coombs feat. Katherine Ellis - Control.mp3 (Mediafire)
Lee Coombs - Light And Dark.mp3 (Mediafire)


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