IM$avvy Financial Literacy Quiz: I am a Guru!!

Yay! Score 90% for this "IM$avvy Financial Literacy Quiz". Not bad, huh? But why do I feel poor within? Perhaps money is indeed not everything. Yeah, right. Money is truly NOT everything. It's just something. Whether it is of importance or not is relative.

If your category is...

Guru: You know what to do, and you do it.

Cool Dude: You are better than average, but you have some way to go before you reach the top category!

Average Joe: You have some knowledge, and you might take action on some financial matters. But you can do more to improve your situation.

Boh Chup: Hmmm, perhaps you should start taking an interest in personal financial matters!

From IM$avvy, "About the Quiz".


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