Human Development Report 2009 - HDI rankings: How Singapore fares?

Badly? No, don't be that negative. Singapore has in fact been ranked no.23 (which is considered part of the group of "Very High Human Development").

United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in this year Human Development Report (HDR) has listed 182 nations for its Human Devlopment Index (HDI) rankings.

The only Asian nation which is ranked higher than Singapore is Japan (HDI Rank no.10). Hong Kong, Korea & Brunei Darussalam trail behind in HDI Rank No. 24, 26 and 30 respectively. (The complete list of the HDI ranks & the 182 nations can be found here.)

In case you wonder what on earth the HDR is supposed to be for, the official site of UNDP on "Human Development Reports" has this to say:
The aim of the Human Development Report (HDR) is to stimulate global, regional and national policy discussions on issues that are relevant to human development.

Still clueless? The site has quite a comprehensive FAQs for both the Human Development Report & the Human Development Index (HDI). I know I'll be checking them out. (Yeah, a bit clueless too. Heh.)

PS. And I'm more interested on the trend over the years on how Singapore has been assessed.


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