Done in 60 Seconds

This was a familiar sight last week.

All the bicycles that were illegally chained to whatever poles that exist within the Pre-War side of the Tiong Bahru estate were pasted with a notice.

Basically, the bicycles’ owners were asked to move their bikes indoors or park them at the designated bicycle areas.

Otherwise their bikes will be removed on 5th October 2009 by the Tanjong Pagar Town Council.

I was planning to blog about it last week but I kept procrastinating until today when I saw the “bicycle removal team” in the thick of the action along Yong Siak Street at about 2pm today.

And this is their weapon of choice, a heavy duty chain cutter.

And yes, it could be done within 60 seconds.

The white bike with a basket looks like a good bike.

Anyway, according to Mr Poritosh (The taller guy), the town council can actually give you a bike if you request for it.

They just need to verify your identity and you can have an “orphaned” bike for free.

I was thinking maybe they should just sell it off and donate the money collected to some charities instead of just giving them away.

Most people do not treasure free stuff and those "orphaned" bikes might just end up at some poles within the Tiong Bahru Estate again right?


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