Becoming a more Elderly Friendly Estate

This blog entry was triggered off by Resident Yap when he mentioned to me that he would like to make a portable ramp at the edge of the block to make it easier for him to push his mum's wheelchair onto the walkways.

The corridor ends of the Tiong Bahru SIT flats have always like what the picture shows, a drop at the end.

Most of us would probably not think twice about the inconveniences the physically challenged face each day.

In fact, when the I saw the town council men putting up a ramp at Block 27 Lim Liak Street, I was even wondering to myself if there is a need for this.

My conversation with Resident Yap opened up my mind and I realised that though such ramps are probably a non-event for most residents here, it may be something that some amongst us are earnestly looking forward to.

And I'm glad the Tanjong Pagar Town Council is proactive in such matters.

I called them up just to be doubly sure that they will be putting up the ramps for all the blocks here and they confirmed it.

They will be putting up the ramps at all corridor ends here at the Post War side. (Sorry, forgot to ask them about the timeline)

One benefit I can think of for myself is that my kids can now cycle right up to the stairs and I do not need to walk back and forth to pick up their little bikes.


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