Amie's art in 'Teaching Children to Draw'

My grand-daughter Amie's works have been published in the book,'Teaching Children to Draw'-by Marjorie Wison and Brent Wilson. Thanks to my daughter-in-law for writing her blog MamaStories . A major chunk of her blog is about Amie's development and of course that includes her artistic
endeavour.It is indeed a great event for me.
Amie is now our main focus in life and I love to draw and paint her from photographs.
I did this one in water colour in March, '08.The style and technique used in this work is very different
from what I am learning now at NAFA

I had taken a few lessons in water colour from Mrs. Cynthia Ho in Singapore in the year 2004 and have been developing the techniques I learnt from her.
Mrs. Ho's technique involved mixing the colours to get the desired shade and applying it directly while the technique I am learning now is applying washes in layers.

This temple in Cambodia was done under her guidance. -Singapore 2004

Below are some of my other earlier water colours: [in order-from top]

  1. Sun bathing -Boston Dec.2004
  2. Puffin-Boston.Nov.2004
  3. Fall-2004.Boston
  4. Green Street-Boston-Dec.2004
  5. Tsunami-Singapore,February2005
  6. Little bird on the tree in front of my balcony-Kolkata,2005


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