the weardrobe nyc conference

if you’ve been following the weardrobe nyc conference, you’ve probably read about or seen photos from some of the events. nooka was given the opportunity to be one of the sponsors and we're glad we could help. if you don't know about it, it was the first ever conference for young women fashion bloggers. learn more about it here.

here's a bit of a recap, courtesy of suzanne xie, "overall, the conference was a truly unforgettable and once-in-a-lifetime experience for the bloggers involved. the conference officially kicked off on friday afternoon, where we had a meet&greet in the penthouse suite at the gramercy park hotel. the first day consisted of a street style photo shoot in gramercy park, goodie bags and an open forum pizza dinner. the first night ended with drinks on the rooftop of the hotel. the second day was epic, starting with a brunch at eat records in brooklyn and a Fred Flare shopping spree, continuing on to more thrifting in brooklyn and finally a diy challenge with pac sun denim. after hours of studding, shredding and pinning, the girls were ready for a delicious dinner at the fat hippo with gilt groupe. Day three was also a nonstop day of Soho shopping, traffic stopping photo shoots, blogging workshops, all starting with a scrumptious press brunch at lure fishbar. after such a full weekend of shopping and shooting, it was only natural that we reserved our last day for a blogger clothing swap, photo booth shots and a teary-eyed farewell brunch".

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