Singapore Rebel (complete video) -- for real???

I read about how the ban on 'rebel' film was recently lifted. The 'rebel' film refers to 'Singapore Rebel' which is about opposition figure Chee Soon Juan. It was banned in 2005.

Wanted to learn more about the film, I went to YouTube to check out perhaps a trailer of this 'Singapore Rebel' film & I'm surprised that there is a clip that claims it's a COMPLETE video of 'Singapore Rebel'.

Is this 26-minute-45-second clip really a complete video of 'Singapore Rebel'? I don't know. But what I know is at least this YouTube clip has been viewed as much as 210,053 times. And I am one of them (And no, I shall reserve my hardly sympathetic opinion about the 'rebel' Chee Soon Juan.)

About the YouTube clip: Titled as "'Singapore Rebel' (complete video)", it was uploaded on 24 Sept 2006 by a YouTube member Wrayer, who included the following description about the clip:
This is the film Singapore's censorship board doesn't want people to see. It's the story of opposition politician Chee Soon Juan, who has been imprisoned twice for championing democratic change in the city state. The censors declared it a "party political film" and it was pulled from April 2005's Singapore International Film Festival line-up after the director was warned he could face two years in jail if the screening went ahead. Directed by Martyn See. 'Singapore Rebel' has been selected to premiere in two human rights film festivals this month. The inaugural New Zealand Human Rights Film Festival and the Amnesty International Film Festival (USA) will host a series of screenings in Auckland, Wellington and West Hollywood. Film-maker Martyn See will not attend the festivals. He is now under investigation by the Singapore police for "the making" of 'Singapore Rebel'


This is the video that actually prompted me to get a Director's account on YouTube and take uploading more seriously. It's taken me this long to find the video again!

Well...I guess with the latest development about the film being no longer banned, Wrayer should rethink to update the above invalid info.

The ban has been lifted on political film Singapore Rebel, which was passed by the censors with a M18 rating that prohibits people below 18 from viewing it.

It is the first political film to get the go-ahead after the Films Act was amended in March, to lift the blanket ban on all political films.

This move comes four years after the film - which is about opposition figure Chee Soon Juan - was banned in 2005.

The Political Films Consultative Committee (PFCC), having reviewed the film, views 'Singapore Rebel' as a documentary film falling within the statutory exclusion set out in the Films Act and should therefore not be regarded as a party political film.

From Straits Times, "Ban on rebel film lifted".


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