Ris Low gives up the title 'Miss Singapore World 2009'...or forced to?!

Bleah! There is no an inspiring sequel to "Miss Singapore World 2009 Ris Low should NOT be brought low & smeared by her dark past of being a credit card fraud!!"

The latest news has Ris Low gives up the crown. She is no longer the Miss Singapore World 2009. The so-called 'righteous' netizens, you may gloat now.

Damn. The title of the article is kind enough to give an impression that she willingly relinquishes the title.

If you read a previous article about how the beauty pageant organizer, ERM Marketing stated on Monday that it would now be seeking legal advice on whether to allow Miss Low to keep her crown, you can't help feeling that Ris Low is being cornered. Badly.

Let go the crown, you credit-card fraud! Or else, face our formidable group of lawyers!


Whatever happens to give someone a second chance, people?!

Are we that bad in our holier-than-thou shitty mentality?!

Miss Ris Low has resigned as Miss Singapore World 2009, days after her past conviction for credit card fraud was exposed.

The organiser of the local beauty pageant, ERM World Marketing, said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon she will no longer represent Singapore at Miss World 2009 in South Africa.

ERM said it will be interviewing a new representative to represent Singapore at Miss World 2009 in the coming days and will announce her shortly.

The organiser said it has met Ms Low and her parents and 'they have agreed to allow their daughter to resign from the crown as we feel is in the best interest for the Miss Singapore World Pageant and Singapore at large.

'We are accepting her resignation,' said ERM.

On Ms Low's conviction in May and her bipolar disorder, ERM said there was no way of checking if a contestant has a criminal record or suffering from depression.

'Ris Low was determined, well behaved and performed well throughout the 2 month competition and even went on to win eight special awards. This is not easy task to accomplish from a group of 22 contestants. With her good performance and beauty, she excelled in the competition.'

On her command of English language, which has been criticised by the public, the organiser said: 'We felt that person who made fun of her on YouTube was malicious and did not do her justice. The video clip was presented in a way to ridicule her.

'The incident was a one-time interview which misled the Singapore public to believe she spoke English poorly. During the Grand Finals competition held at the Shangri La hotel on the July 31, she spoke perfectly good English, had a good answer (short, sharp and sweet) and performed very well to impress the 11 judges that she was good enough to win.

'So perhaps her spoken English could also be an effect from her Bipolar disorder.'

ERM said it felt sorry for Miss Low but added: 'We cannot compromise on our contest rules, regulations and the image of the Miss Singapore World Pageant.'

ERM, which broke its silence only on Monday said it did not give any comments earlier to the media and press because 'we were taken aback by this incident and we did not have any documentary evidence to justify the allegations and could be faced with legal implications later'.

'Ris Low committed this offence as a young offender, and we had to be sensitive to handle any comments delicately where a young offender is concerned. The treatment would be different if she was over 21 years of age,' it added.

'We like to add that this is the first time in Singapore beauty pageant history that such an incident has occurred. We had to be careful with the approach.'

From Straits Times, "Ris Low gives up title".

The organiser of the scandal-tarnished Miss Singapore World pageant finally broke its silence on the Ris Low saga on Monday, saying it had no knowledge of her conviction for credit card fraud when she was crowned queen.

After days of silence on the issue, ERM Marketing said in a statement on Monday that it would now be seeking legal advice on whether to allow Miss Low to keep her crown.

The tersely worded statement said the company was investigating the issue, and would make a decision later in the week, once it has all the 'pertinent facts'.

It added: 'Kindly do not call us or disturb for answers. We will entertain you once we have a decision made.'

Since news of Miss Low's troubles with the law surfaced last week, ERM has kept its silence, despite the raging debate among Singaporeans over whether Miss Low should continue as Miss Singapore World. Even a politician has weighed in: Member of Parliament Lee Bee Wah (Ang Mo Kio GRC) told the Chinese evening daily Shin Min on Saturday that Miss Low should not represent Singapore internationally.

She said: 'Using another person's credit card is a very serious offence. Honesty and integrity are very important.'

However, when pressed last week for an answer due to the high level of public interest in the matter, ERM said: 'Singaporeans did not pay for her.'

Miss Low, 19, has been a magnet for controversy ever since video footage of her speaking poor English made the rounds on the Internet.

Things got worse last week, when a report in My Paper, Singapore Press Holdings' free publication, broke the story that she had stolen several credit cards and used them to pay for $8,000 worth of jewellery, lingerie and restaurant bills, among other things.

She was sentenced to 24 months' supervised probation for her crimes.

From Straits Times, "We didn't know".


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